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Unforgettable flavors since 1896

Majore Restaurant has been offering since 1896 a perfect representation of true flavors of Sicilian tradition with typical dishes of Ragusa, based on old recipes for pork cooking. The restaurant is located in an ancient medieval village in Chiaramonte Gulfi, in a beautiful landscape, fifteen kilometers away from the center of Ragusa. The village is located in a beautiful natural setting and you can admire a beautiful panorama stretching from Gela to the sea and the mountains. For its strategic position Chiaramonte Gulfi is also known as the “Balcony of Sicily”, for the panoramic view it offers to its visitors. Besides the beautiful scenery landscape, at Restaurant Majore you can also enjoy local gastronomic excellence, tasting traditional dishes Ragusa prepared as in the past, with same love and dedication handed down through the centuries.

Most ordered dishes are made with pork, an ingredient that for the village is a fundamental raw material. The pork is still cooked following ancient techniques; this tradition has ancient roots and stems from the habit of keeping a pig in the house for breeding, since it was the main nourishment and could be used for different purposes: eaten fresh, salted or dried. Flavors of the past and authenticity of raw materials, carefully selected, has attracted tourists from all around the world, together with several Italian, Swiss, German and American journalists and writers who have investigated thoroughly sights and flavors of this land. The specialties that since 1896 have been served at Majore Restaurant are prepared with same dedication and love for healthy and wholesome flavors, just as it happened many years ago.

Typical dishes in Ragusa are made primarily focusing on careful selection of raw materials and on being aware of their source. For these reasons, the restaurant personally chooses suppliers and only addresses to a small group of farmers to buy meat. The dishes for which the restaurant has become famous and appreciated beyond local boundaries are: salami, capocollo (pork’s neck), pork gelatine and risotto. Staff is always careful in selection of wines to exalt taste of excellent dishes offered.

  • Cuisine


    Restaurant Majore is famous for quality and authenticity of its raw materials. Cuisine is based on typical dishes of Ragusa: risotto, cavati “Norma’s style” (a type of pasta), ravioli with pork sauce, jelly pork, stuffed rib-eye steak, Sicilian falsomagro, salted pork, salami and capocollo. 

    Discover a selection of traditional dishes that have helped in making our cuisine popular all over the world.

  • Cellar


    Selection of wines at Majore Restaurant is also worthy of note: a wide choice of excellent Italian and Sicilian labels. Product’s quality also distinguishes wines, chosen according to culinary offer, with the aim of pleasing customers with the ideal wine to pair with various dishes. 

    Our cuisine deserves wines of Excellence: an authentic passion that leads us, day after day, in selecting best wine production of our territory and that of whole Italy.

  • Territory


    Perched on a hill at the foot of the mountains covered with conifers and eucalyptus, Chiaramonte is symbol of landscape of Ragusa province. Next to nature trails through the mountains, and in particular on the top of Arcibessi Mount, ancient place of Christian rites still in vogue in the XIX Century, you can see Hyblean plateau, far plain and the "Saracens" olive trees, symbol of this land. 

    Coming down from the curves of the highway, before arriving in town, you can find XVI Century church of Madonna delle Grazie (Graceful Virgin), surrounded by pine forest and housing a marble statue of the Virgin by Luca Maldotto. Baroque palaces, courtyards paved in hard stone, alleys and stairways of the old town, churches and newer buildings, the still stony streets, decline south towards the plains to the east and climb up the top of the hill. 

    The existing urban disposition dates back to XIV century, after the destruction of old town made by the Angevins in 1299, an incident mentioned by historian Solarino, who wrote: "The only memory (of it) evokes cries of horror and anguish." It was Chiaramonte family who gave the name of to the town. 

    Count Manfredi I (who received from King Frederick in 1296 the County of Modica) belonging to Norman family from French town of Clermont de L'Oise in Picardy (which is twinned with Chiaramonte), after the expulsion of French wanted to rebuild town on top of this hill, fortified with a castle. The fortress had three access doors, one of which, the North West Gate, is still remarkably intact. Earthquake of late XVII Century almost entirely destroyed the castle and all its surroundings. During the reconstruction, the town followed the pattern of Baroque in Val di Noto, without abandoning old medieval routes of roads network and incorporating all works of art that miraculously had survived cataclysm. Royal decree of 1881 imposed the adding of name Gulfi, in memory of ancient town.

  • For info and reservations

    Restaurant is located in Via Martiri Ungheresi, 12 in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa, and during following times: Tuesday - Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

    For information or reservations you can contact Restaurant Majore to phone number +39 0932 928019 or via form on this website or e-mail address: info@majore.it or by filling in form below.